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Info Sessions: Cross-Cultural Trip to Italy


Visit Milan, Rome, Florence and Siena with LIM College

This winter break, from January 7-17, 2013, 20 sophomore, junior and senior students will join Professor Burstein and Professor Hallay on the Cross-Cultural Analysis trip to Italy!

Information sessions about this trip will be held on May 1 and 2 in Room 0504 at 12:45 p.m.

Milan, Florence, Siena and Rome will be the destinations in this great adventure through history and fashion. Join Professor Burstein as he takes you into the heart of the Italian fashion industry, where you will be given tours of some of the nation’s internationally famous luxury brands and meet the people behind those labels we all covet. And then,  Professor Hallay will guide you through the Florence of Leonardo and Michelangelo, the Milan of the Futurists, and the Rome of both Gladiator and those sexy, and stylish Fellini movies.

Gucci! Prada! Armani! But also The Vatican! The Coliseum! The Statue of David! The Trevi Fountain! (not to mention the best spaghetti you will ever, ever eat). You can count on this upcoming Cross-Cultural Analysis trip to give you an ‘insiders’ view of this beautiful country, guided as you will be by two professors who have traveled and worked extensively in Italy.

So grab your big sunglasses, reread The Da Vinci Code, and learn to say ‘Prego!’, because – in 2013 – 20 lucky students will live La Dolce Vita!

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