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GlobalSpeak Presents: "The Power of One" on Oct. 16


Meet socialchange.is co-founders Allie Mahler and Marcos Salazar

On Tuesday, Oct. 16 SocialChange.is co-founders Marcos Salazar and Allie Mahler will be at LIM College as part of the Fall 2012 GlobalSpeak series.

SocialChange.is is a story, idea, and resource sharing platform for social entrepreneurs and social intrapreneurs to share diverse experiences, new ways of thinking, and lessons learned in creating innovative forms of social impact. At its core, SocialChange.is is an education platform that provides change makers around the world with a central place to:

•Share inspiring stories of passion, success, failure, and personal growth along with the knowledge and insights gained from those experiences
•Discuss new ideas, issues, and trends within a particular sector or the overall social change space
•Inform and educate readers about the latest concepts, resources, and business tools being used to make the world a better place

SocialChange.is connects you to the ideas, people, and organizations creating the future of social change. This includes social entrepreneurs building new systems, business models, and platforms as well as social intrapreneurs amplifying the work of social entrepreneurs or driving social innovation within existing organizations. The mission of SocialChange.is is to educate and empower the next generation of social entrepreneurs and social intrapreneurs by equipping them with the tools and resources to transform new ideas for social good into reality.

Date: Oct. 16
Time: 6 p.m.
Location: FashionOpolis

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