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Entrepreneurial Student Uses Mobile App to Turn Fashion Into Profit


Hannah Ouimet has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal and Fox News about her success selling with the Poshmark app

hannah beury website logoWhen LIM College student Hannah Ouimet read an article last year about hot new fashion apps she never could have imagined that one of those apps would soon change her life.

Hannah, who transferred to LIM College from Columbia College in Chicago in the fall of 2012, has turned what was initially a desire to make a few bucks while cleaning out her closet into a lucrative business. By using the Poshmark app, Hannah has earned approximately $25,000 in the last year alone, as well as acquiring more than 800,000 online followers and garnering interviews with the Wall Street Journal and Fox News.

The Poshmark app lets users make their personal closets virtual, by selling items they no longer wear to other users of the app. Users who grow to like a specific person’s listings can follow them and receive alerts when new items are posted.

Hannah started using Poshmark to sell clothes and jewelry from her own closet, then moved on to selling her friends’ items for a share of the profits. Now she also buys designer apparel and accessories for a steep discount on the internet and resells them (still below retail) on Poshmark.

Hannah says that she’s always been entrepreneurial. “Since the age of 10, I’ve had several of my own small businesses, including selling votive candles and making my own soap. Poshmark allowed me take that impulse to a whole new level.”

With her ever-expanding inventory now taking over a whole section of her parents’ home in Chatham, New Jersey, Hannah lives at LIM College’s residence hall on the Upper East Side of Manhattan during the week and treks home on weekends to ship packages to customers.

Hannah reports that she had been considering pursuing a career in styling, and while she currently interns with a casting director, she’s now headed in a whole new direction as an online entrepreneur. Her next step will be launching her own website, www.hannahbeury.com, sometime in March.


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