Book Launch: An Evening with Amanda Hallay

with a special introduction by David Wolfe 9/10/2009 | 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

This event will be held in FashionOpolis (12 East 53rd St. – First Floor).

Amanda Hallay

Join LIM College Professor Amanda Hallay as she reads selections from her new book DOLE: Sex Death and Baked Potatoes in Maggie’s Britain.

It’s the early 1980s and Britain is held sway beneath the sinister double threat of Margaret Thatcher and Spandau Ballet. Unemployment is at a record high and in the grubby, bedsit-strewn landscape of Dipfield, South London, the down-trodden denizens subsist on Giros, Pot Noodles and dreams of stardom none of them ever hope to achieve. Or can they?

RSVP required to Katie Fitzgerald 212.752.1530 Ext. 280.

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