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Dress Up Day in Professor Amanda Hallay's Cultural Connections to Fashion Class


Students represented styles from the 1920s to the 1990s

On November 5th, Professor Hallay’s “Cultural Connections to Fashion” class welcomed special guest speaker David Wolfe (Creative Director of The Doneger Group and "World’s Most Quoted Fashion Authority" as well as a member of the LIM College Fashion Industry Advisory Board) by dressing in outfits inspired by earlier epochs covered in class. Yet this was not a costume party: students were illustrating the crucial point that fashion today is experiencing its most eclectic moment, with everything we wear either borrowed from or inspired by the past.

Addressing the class, Mr. Wolfe remarked “What is fascinating is that you are all dressed so differently, and in some cases, so extremely – yet nobody on the street would bat an eye. When it comes to fashion in the 21st Century, it really is a case of 'anything goes.'"













David Wolfe (right) was taken back to his days in Sixties’ London with Jule’s Op-Art outfit. “You look like you’ve walked straight off Carnaby Street!”  said Wolfe.








Nirvana Lives On!  Lauren, Julissa, Stephanie, Nogha and Gina took the class back to the early 1990s with their grunge inspired outfits of plaid flannel.















Part ‘20s flapper, part Cher in the Sixties, part 21st Century rock chic, Christy brought the house down with her fabulous feathered tunic and headband.













The Seventies were honored by Dana (left), whose '30s floral print and wavy locks were inspired by Biba, Yaffa (who addressed the '70s knitwear obsession with her striped, knitted tunic in earthy tones), and Bridget, whose furry vest paid homage to Yves Saint Laurent’s "Rich Peasant" look.















Deandra channeled a young Audrey Hepburn with her beatnik-inspired outfit of skinny black pants and low-heeled black pumps. 















The '80s lived again with Shamitris (left) whose coat and leggings reminded the class of classic Yamamoto, and Courtney (right) was rockin' in Benetton brights.

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