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LIM College Students Find Success in the Styling World


Erica Lavelanet and David Pena are living their dreams

After a year spent working as assistants to other stylists, Erica Lavelanet and David Pena, two LIM College students (and roommates), founded their own wardrobe styling company, LP FashionPhilosophy, in early 2009. As word of their talent spread, their business has grown, and the two Fashion Merchandising majors are working hard to make a name for themselves in the styling world. 
LP FashionPhilosophy offers personal image consulting and wardrobe styling services. When it comes to personal image consulting, Erica (who is originally from Commack, New York) and David (Pompton Plains, New Jersey) work closely with clients by helping them organize their wardrobes, reinvent their closets, and help them go shopping.   
The wardrobe styling arm of their firm includes styling for photo shoots, commercials, ad campaigns, look books, films, and more. Erica reports that this aspect of their business is growing rapidly, particularly in the area of styling for musical artists and bands, including for album covers, shows, tours, and appearances. LP FashionPhilosophy is currently under monthly retainer as the full-time stylists for several emerging bands and solo artists.  

A major high point for Erica and David was styling 14 models, including actors, socialites, and musicians, such as Gabe Friedman, lead singer of Dog Soldier and Bella Saona, lead singer of The Fire and Reason, for a photo shoot with the fashion label Skrapper in November. The label’s designer, William Quigley, is a well-known contemporary artist who recently launched a men’s and women’s t-shirt collection. Erica and David were hired to style Skrapper’s ad campaign and look book, working with famed photographer Antoine Verglas.
Erica and David also recently embarked on a relationship with sunglasses designer Mercura, whose products have been worn by Lady Gaga, Kanye West and Rhianna. The relationship with Mercura is twofold. The young stylists wear the sunglasses around the city and then blog about them in order to create buzz around the brand. They also style select music and entertainment clients in Mercura sunglasses.
As a “styling duo,” Erica and David have also developed strong relationships with many up and coming designers, including S. Love, Karhiann Kerr, and Melissa Fortune, as well as with top showrooms such as Factory PR and Showroom 10. 

Says Erica, “We are often told we are hired because of our youthfulness and our ability to think completely outside of the box. We are definitely edgy, are not afraid of evoking controversy, and pushing limits. And we do it all for the love of fashion, this city, and each other.”


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