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Dress Up Day - A Fun Way to Explore the Connections Between Culture and Fashion


Students inspired by eras studied in class

In what is becoming an end-of-semester tradition, students in Professor Amanda Hallay’s "Cultural Connections to Fashion" class expressed their understanding of how culture affects fashion by dressing in outfits inspired by the time periods studied in class. Students illustrated today's fashion eclecticism in their choices, showing that anyone can wear anything anywhere. 

Has fashion run out of ideas? Why do we keep recycling the past? Is this a form a self-expression, or is "eclecticism" such a dominant trend that we’re all simply followers without even knowing that we are? These are the questions that Cultural Connections explores, along with the music, movies, art, politics and social history of the 20th Century and how these things influence fashion trends.

View the photo gallery to the right to see some of the "cultural connections" made by students this semester, with the images of the originals that inspired them.

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