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Cotton Incorporated Contest Winners Announced


Winners will receive $1500 in scholarship monies from Cotton Incorporated

LIM College and Cotton Incorporated recently partnered on a contest where students competed for best textile pattern design in three different categories: print, plaid, and stripe. Five entries for each of the three categories were chosen from over 100 submissions. Voting was then opened to the public.

The three winners are shown below, along with their winning entries and a short bio. Each of the three winners will receive a $1,500 scholarship to LIM College provided by Cotton Incorporated, and the winning textile designs will be used in the Fall 2010 Product Development class to make actual samples and possibly even to design new products for the LIM College bookstore.

The three winners will also be taking a trip to North Carolina to visit Cotton Incorporated's headquarters, which houses a Fiber Testing Laboratory, a Knitting Laboratory, Cotton, Incorporated's Fiber and Textile Research group, the Global Product Marketing division, the Strategic Planning division, and most of the company's administration.

Congratulations to our three contest winners!










Deanna Rowe
I am a junior at LIM College looking forward to entering my senior year this fall.  I currently study fashion merchandising and will receive my bachelors in 2011.  I have an associate’s of science degree in fashion design from Fisher College in Boston MA.  I have a true passion for design but I also believe that in order to be successful in the fashion industry it would be in my best interest to understand both the design and business aspects of the industry.  I am truly happy that I decided to attend LIM College where I have had the opportunity to broaden my knowledge.










Nicole Clonan
Nicole Clonan came to New York City for one thing, to pursue a career in the fashion industry. Always having a keen sense of style and being named “Best Dressed” in her senior high school class, she knew fashion was her calling. This led her to LIM College where this year she will receive her Associate degree in Fashion Merchandising and then continue to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing with a concentration in Cosmetics.

While her love of fashion is still present, Nicole has always loved cosmetics. From rummaging through her mother’s make up as a kid, to now interning at OK! Magazine in the Beauty department, Nicole has a strong passion to be successful in the cosmetic industry. She has already gained a wealth of knowledge from both her experience at OK! and also from her extensive cosmetic courses at LIM College. She continues working hard towards her goal of making her cosmetic passion a life-long career.










Nicole Powell
My name is Nicole Powell and I am a Fashion Merchandising Major. Throughout my two years while attending LIM College, I have been lucky to receive some amazing opportunities. I have had the privilege to obtain an internship as a Fashion Intern at Women’s Health Magazine. My internship started in September of 2009 and ended in December of 2009, but I was hired at the end of my internship to do freelance work for the magazine starting in January 2010.

Through my internship I was able to attend fashion shows throughout Fashion Week and also attend marketing appointments. The internship was an overall great experience. I have also had the privilege to work at Nordstrom for the past two years as well. While working at Nordstrom I was able to receive great work experience, especially into the specialty and high-end markets. Both of these experiences have helped me to further learn what I want to do in my future.

I am an extremely driven person who loves fashion and I hope to always be involved in the industry in some way. As a child and throughout my teen years, I was a dancer. Although dance was my passion, I realized early on in my life that I loved fashion. Not only did I match my hair ties with my socks at home, but at dance I was always coordinating my leotards with my hair pieces. This simple matching process made me realize at a young age that I wanted to pursue a future career in the fashion industry.

LIM College has provided their students with the opportunity to learn what is needed to obtain the career they want. I am truly grateful to be a student at this college.

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