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Professors interviewed by WNYC-FM and The Financial Times

Dr. Milan Milasinovic, LIM College's Dean of Graduate Studies & Continuing Education was quoted in an article in The Financial Times on developments in fashion education. He said, “The fashion industry has been oriented toward creativity, but a business education is also needed to evolve and flourish. Fashion is a business; creativity plays a large role, but without business knowledge, prospects for success are limited.”

Professor Michael Londrigan, Chair of the LIM College Fashion Merchandising department was interviewed for a piece on WNYC-FM radio on the relevance of Fashion Week in the internet age. Asked if Fashion Week was still relevant, Professor Londrigan said it "is all about the buzz." He said the shows have become more of a media event, as labels and buyers are in touch with each other all the time, and no longer rely on the bi-annual shows to introduce new designs.

LIM College alumna and Ports 1961 President Jacqui Wenzel had a different take. Fashion is "a visual business," she said, and felt the shows were important  to "create a mood and an image of the woman who our designer is envisioning."

David Wolfe of Doneger Creative Services, who is a member of LIM College's Fashion Industry Advisory Board, was also interviewed for the WNYC piece.

To hear the segment, click on the audio clip below, or visit WNYC's website.

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