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Emergency Notification System Test on December 8


Annual test required by law

LIM College has an Emergency Notification System (provided through 21st Century Communications) that uses phone messages, text messaging and email as channels for sending important information about campus safety and unscheduled campus closings.

We will conduct a test of the Emergency Notification System for the entire College community on Wednesday, December 8 at noon. This annual test, which is required by law, will make you familiar with the system should we need to use it in the future to communicate urgent information.

The test message will be: "This is a test of LIM College’s Emergency Notification System. No action is needed. This is only a test."

Simply open the message on your mobile phone or computer and/or listen to it on your phone. No action is required. Please do not reply to the test message.

It is mandatory that all LIM College students, faculty and staff register for the Emergency Notification System. If you have not done so, you can access the sign-up page from the MyLIM page on the College website, or click here.

To remain active in the Emergency Notification System, you must sign up for it at the start of every academic year. A list of FAQ with more detailed information can be found here:

If you have any questions before or after the test on Wednesday, Dec. 8 please email limalertfeedback@limcollege.edu.

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