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LIM College Receives Grant for Sustainable Materials Lab and Research Center


Will be a resource for students while furthering the study of sustainability

LIM College has been awarded a $6,000 grant from The Planning and Visual Education Partnership’s (PAVE) Helping Hand Fund. The grant will be used to create a sustainable materials and research component for LIM College’s existing Color and Materials Lab, which is located in the Fifth Avenue building.

The planned Sustainable Materials Lab and Research Center will be a resource for LIM College students and industry professionals. Students will have access to a collection of sustainable materials for specification in their class projects, and this new area will also be accessible to emerging industry professionals who do not have access to a facility of this nature.

The Sustainable Materials Lab and Research Center will also serve as a tool to further the study and understanding of sustainability. It will promote education relative to sustainable design, becoming a center for the study of sustainability. Guest speakers will provide lectures and seminars relative to green design, and sustainable color and materials samples will be displayed.

Says Eric Feigenbaum, Chair of LIM College’s Visual Merchandising department, “With approximately 10,000 samples, including fixtures, flooring and wall coverings, the Color and Materials Lab is now a vital educational tool for LIM College students. Yet a proportionally small percentage of the lab’s materials qualify as “green,” as our current range of material samples are man-made.”

He continues, “As retailers become more sensitive to incorporating “green” materials and working towards LEEDS Certification for their projects, LIM College aims to substantially increase the options available to them, while preparing our students for the realities of the world they will enter upon graduation.”

PAVE’s mission is to support students studying in the field of retail design and planning and visual merchandising. PAVE also seeks to encourage retail management, store planners, visual merchandisers, architects and manufacturers to interact with and support students. The PAVE Helping Hand Fund provides grant funds to educational institutions to enhance the quality of programs and services to students entering into careers in the retail design and planning and visual merchandising industries.

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