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LIM College Ad Campaign Continues this Month


Look for our ads on the subway, online and in print

LIM College's first-ever transit advertising campaign, which began in March of this year, is back for a fall run. Ads will appear in subway cars throughout all five boroughs for four weeks and will reach approximately five million riders each day. The campaign features students and faculty members expressing their interpretation of the College’s tagline, “Where Business Meets Fashion.”

The students and faculty in the ads were chosen through a process that began with an open casting call last semester. A group was then selected to participate in a photo shoot. The final ads feature several of the students and faculty members who participated in the shoot.

Additional Fall 2011 advertising activities include ads in Women's Wear Daily (Sept. 8, 10, 14, Oct. 10, 12, Nov. 22 and Dec. 12 and 19) and The Daily (Sept. 8-15.) Online versions of the ads will also appear on those two outlets' websites.

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