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Transition: The College Years
Your student's world will expand significantly in college. New experiences can lead to greater understanding, acceptance and appreciation in your relationship – and this requires compromise, flexibility and trust. With a little help from LIM College, the college years can be a wonderful time for you both.

The transition to adulthood can be tough. Whether your child is living in the LIM College residence hall or at home, you will need to prepare yourself for many changes.



The key to a successful transition is to view these changes as:

  • An opportunity for growth
  • A chance to know your child on a different level
  • A way to learn things about one another
  • A way to determine other means of communication
  • The start of your adult relationship with your child

Your New Parental Role.....Interested Yet Not Intrusive
It’s important for you to be involved -- it's actually essential to your child's success. The key is being interested in what's happening in his or her life without being too intrusive.

Some ways to do that are:

  • Don't make conversation feel like "quizzes."
  • Ask your student what he or she is learning or what activities he or she is involved in instead of focusing solely on grades.
  • Balance your communication. Don’t always ask questions about him or her. Share what’s happening with you.
  • Don't call or email constantly. Allow a healthy distance.

Student Involvement = Success
Studies show that students who are involved in campus life through student activities, clubs and student government are more likely to succeed. Encourage your student to get involved. Our Student Life counselors are available to help. There are also volunteer opportunities at fashion industry events and other networking opportunities. Contact the Dept. of Experiential Education & Career Management for more information on volunteering and internships.

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