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We rely on the high school counseling community to help us ensure students are making the appropriate choice when they decide to apply to LIM College. 

Here are some links to information that may be particularly helpful to you as you inform and guide your students.

Admissions FAQ
Application Procedures
LIM College Catalog
Majors and Degree Programs
Fashion Scholars (Honors) Program
Tuition and Fees
Financial Aid Information

Would you like to speak with or email an Admissions Counselor who covers your geographic region or see where LIM College’s Admissions staff will be visiting in the coming months?

Contact Us
Admissions Staff
Admissions Travel Schedule
Admissions Events
Admissions Calendar

Do you have a student who would like to attend fashion classes for high school students at LIM College on Saturdays and/or during the summer?

Saturday Program for High School Students
Summer Program for High School Students

Do you have a student who is interested in transferring to LIM College?

Transfer Application Procedures

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