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Fashion Sense

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Fashion Sense is LIM College’s student magazine, and it covers fashion, the arts, entertainment, culture, and business. The magazine is student produced, edited, and written. We are always seeking writers and photographers and frequently have openings for new staff. 

LIM College's student magazine was formerly known as Fashionista; it is now Fashion Sense.  The student editors of Fashionista polled students across LIM College to suggest new names for our magazine and held a vote that included every choice.  Fashion Sense won because it conveys our students’ identity as learners (studying, analyzing, and evaluating what makes sense) and the fun and excitement of the sensual world of fashion, which energizes all our sense perceptions.  "Fashionista" is now a shorthand word for people who care about fashion only; we at LIM College have more on our minds and in our passions. We are happy to have a title that represents our students as learners, leaders, and persons of good sense and senses.

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