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Move-In Information

Prior to your arrival:
Housing packets, which include your roommate information as well as other check-in information, will be mailed after July 29, 2014


New Students:
10:00am - 5:00pm

Undergraduate move-in date: 
* Fall 2014: August 19, 2014 
Spring 2015: January 14, 2015 

MPS move-in date:
*Semester 1: 
August 11, 2014 
*Semester 2: January 14, 2015 

MBA move-in date:
*Term 1:
 August 21, 2014 
*Term 2: November 30, 2014 
*Term 3: March 6, 2015 

International students move-in date:
*August 13, 2014 
(for undergraduate and MBA Term 1 international students only)

Returning Students:
12:00pm- 5:00pm

Undergraduate and MPS student move-in date: 
Fall 2014: August 23,2014 

MBA student move-in date:
* Term 1: 
August 30, 2014

If you are unable to check in during these hours you MUST contact our office to make alternate arrangements.

Move-in day:

  • Residential Life Staff and members of the LIM College community will be on hand to assist you to ensure a smooth move-in.
  • To help with move-in there are large blue rolling bins provided to bring your belongings inside, but it may be a good idea to also bring your own cart or hand-truck to move your things, as these bins will be shared among many students.
  • Please bring a valid photo ID with you to expedite the process.
  • Although rooms are pre-assigned, we are unable to give you your room number until you arrive.
  • Directly outside of the residence is a metered street parking area that is a “No Parking Zone” on move-in days. Any cars left unattended are subject to a ticket and/or towing. We recommend that someone stay with the car until all your belongings are out. Staff members will instruct you where to go once the car is unpacked so that we can make room for other students to unload their belongings. There are parking garages  nearby. You will have to pay to park at these.
  • Once all your belongings are brought to your room you must return to the lobby to check in and receive your LIM College ID card. This will give you access to the building entryway turnstiles, your room and the LIM College computer lab in the residence hall.

After check-in:

  • At check-in you will receive a room condition report form (RCR). The RCR must be completed and returned to the LIM College Residence Life staff within 24 hours to receive your mailbox key.
  • There will be a mandatory housing orientation session for all freshmen and new transfer students. The date and time is included in your housing packet that will be sent after July 29, 2014.
  • The first week there will be floor meetings to introduce your floormates and the Resident Advisor living on your floor.
  • LIM College will have many planned activities during the first few days before classes begin and will continue planning activities throughout the semester. Make the most of your LIM College and NYC experience by joining us at these events.
  • OPTIONAL: Walk over to the 96th street subway station and purchase a Metrocard.

Move in day at 1760

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