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When a student signs his/her Housing Contract, he/she agrees to abide by the terms and conditions within, as well as to the community standards established in the residence hall.

Residence Life staff will work with students throughout the year to develop and maintain a sense of community within each floor and the building. However, it is each resident's commitment to being part of such a community that makes the critical difference. The resident "rights and responsibilities" listed below articulate some basic components of good relations between residents at 1760.
Students have the right…

  • To have free access to their living accommodations
  • To live in a clean and secure environment
  • To written copies of housing rules and regulations, or individual building policies, which govern individual and group behavior
  • To expect the respect and safety of personal property
  • To study without interruption or interference
  • To be free from unreasonable noise
  • To be free from intimidation or harassment
  • To express themselves creatively within established guidelines
  • To expect enforcement of the housing agreement/contract
  • To have direct access to staff that provides assistance, guidance and support as needed
  • To equitable treatment
  • To enjoy individual freedoms without regard to race, sex, national origin, disability, age, religion, sexual orientation, or political affiliation
  • To participate in student governmental bodies and housing departmental committees
  • To individual and group educational and developmental opportunities in their living community

Students have the responsibility…

  • To adhere to rules and regulations
  • To comply with reasonable requests made by staff or college officials
  • To meet expected room payment schedules
  • To monitor and accept responsibility for behavior of guests
  • To report violations of rules and regulations to appropriate staff
  • To respect the rights of others as stated above
  • To participate actively in self-governance
  • To participate in housing departmental committees as requested
  • To express themselves individually or by association with groups
  • To participate in judicial proceedings to determine appropriate standards of behavior
  • To contribute positively to the community by participating in educational and developmental
  • To abide by all applicable city, state, and federal laws

Upon arrival, and throughout the academic year, residents get together as a floor and/or building to learn about the residence hall and residence life policies and procedures and to discuss any related issues.

The Housing & Residence Life handbook offers detailed information about residence hall policies and procedures and provides parameters regarding acceptable and unacceptable behavior. All students are expected to be familiar and comply with all College policies and procedures.

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