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Residence Hall Guest Policy

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Guests Policy:

Daytime Policy
Daytime guests are permitted in the building and in the rooms with express permission from all roommate(s) starting at 8:00 a.m. every day and are required to leave by 12:00 a.m., unless the guest has received an overnight guest pass, as described below. Daytime guest must leave the building by midnight and return their visitors pass at security or they will be considered an overnight guest.  Regardless of the length of stay, all guests are expected to abide by all LIM College and 1760 REALTY policies, procedures, regulations and standards. The resident host is responsible for the actions of his/her guests at all times. Any guest who violates any LIM College or building policy while in student housing, or other areas of the building, will be asked to leave the residence hall, and will be subject to all applicable legal sanctions. All guests must register at the security desk with the resident host and a valid, current form of identification for both the resident host and the guest (this must be a valid, unexpired photo ID).

Guests without proper identification are not permitted.

The propriety and sufficiency of the identification is within the sole discretion of LIM College or 1760 REALTY staff. Upon departure, guests must sign out at the same place and return their guest pass. The resident host must escort guests at all times while inside the building and is responsible for the guest signing in and out. Guests under the age of 17 must be accompanied by their parent or guardian or receive written permission from LIM College’s Office of Housing & Residence Life at least three calendar days prior to visiting the residence hall.

 Guests: Overnight Policy
Overnight guests will not be permitted at the residence hall during the first two weeks after each semester begins without prior written permission from the LIM College Office of Housing & Residence Life.  Other than as limited above, overnight guests are permitted in the building and in a resident host’s room with the express permission from the roommate(s). If any residents do not want overnight guests in their room, it must be indicated on their roommate agreement. In these cases, overnight guests will not be permitted in the room without written permission from all roommates. It is the resident host’s responsibility to request an Overnight Guest Pass by completing and turning in the Overnight Guest Form to LIM College’s Office of Housing & Residence Life no later than 7:00 PM the day of the visitor’s arrival.

All overnight guests must receive an Overnight Guest Pass to remain in the building after designated daytime visiting hours. This pass must be carried with the guest at all times. In no event may a resident have an overnight guest for more than seven nights in any month, whether consecutive or not. There are no fees for an overnight guest the first three nights. A guest who stays between four and seven nights must pay $20 per day to the LIM College Office of Housing & Residence Life. This fee will be collected prior to the arrival of the guest if the stay is approved. If approved by the roommate, residents may host up to two guests for one night by using two of their allotted seven nights (two guests for three nights = six nights). However, no room can have more than double its room occupancy at any given time. Guests must be accompanied by the resident host at all times while in the building.


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