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LIM Dance Team


LIM Dance Team

Mission Statement

LIM College Dance Team's mission is to provide a haven for its members to
express themselves through the art of dance as well as an outlet for
camaraderie, socialization, and spirituality. In the course of presentations,
appearances, and volunteer activities the LIM College Dance Team serves as
leaders within the school community. We continuously strive to raise the level
of performance and exceed the standard by which dance teams are evaluated. LIM
College Dancers come from many diverse backgrounds and are united in striving
for common goals; achieving academic excellence, promoting school spirit, and
serving as positive community role models.

Who we are:
The new LIM Dance Team is a diverse, fun and exciting group who all share a love for dancing. Whether you were on a team in high school, part of your local dance studio or simply have a passion for it, this is the team for you! Currently our team is comprised of 15 members, all of which exceed our standards. We focus mainly on school events and hope to one day branch out and take part in competitions. The members of this squad are all well respected students as well as athletes and leaders in their community.

Committing to the team:
Being an active part of this team, just like any other club is very important. We take pride in everything that we do. Closely examining your school and work schedule is essential to being the ideal team member. Most of our members are balancing school, work, internships and other activities and it surely isn’t easy, but can be done. With the right amount of determination, anything is possible!

Tryouts are only the first step in becoming part of this team. They are held in the beginning of the fall and spring semester on campus. It consists of a basic routine with some technique and is about 60-80 seconds. At the end we ask our trainees to broadcast to us any dance they have done in the past or any skills they would like to show us that might make them stand out from the rest.

What we want from you:
Our team is always looking to expand and bring any new type of dance to our list. JOIN TODAY!





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