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Policies & Procedures for Fashion Week Volunteer Opportunities


Please read if you plan on volunteering during Fashion Week

Fashion Week is rapidly approaching and the LIM College Center for Career Development has revamped the policies and procedures for volunteer opportunities to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to participate. Below you will find the procedures for all students who wish to apply for Fashion Week Volunteer Opportunities. These procedures will be enforced by The Center for Career Development. Please read carefully. 

Click here for the complete policies and procedures for participating in volunteer opportunities. Please forward any questions to


  • You will be notified via email about available opportunities. (
  • The e-mail will ask you to visit Symplicity for more information about the volunteer opportunity.
  • The volunteer posting on Symplicity will note the day and time of the volunteer opportunity and will offer a description of the event.
  • The description of the event will include company or event background information, wherever possible, the duties that are expected of you, the times you are needed and a reiteration of the dates that you will be needed. 
  • You will RSVP to the event you are interested in participating in. Once all slots have been filled for that opportunity the event will be closed by the Center for Development.
  • You will be notified via email that your name has been sent to the company as a volunteer for the event.

For Fashion Week related opportunities  the following procedures will also apply

  • If you wish to participate in Fashion Week you will be allowed to volunteer for two opportunities each semester.
  • Emails for opportunities will be sent to you during LIM College‚Äôs common lunch hour. This will allow more students to be available to log into the Symplicity system to RSVP.
  • You will be allowed to put your name on a wait list for Fashion Week events. The Center for Career Development will look at every RSVP and cancel any student who has reached the two volunteer maximum. The wait list will be used to replace students who have exceeded the number of times they can volunteer.

At LIM College, volunteering is a privilege and failure to honor commitments could result in the loss of these privileges. Students are not guaranteed volunteer opportunities. First come, first served.


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