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Ultimate Choir Club

uLtIMate Choir
Mission Statement

Our goal, as the co-founders of uLtIMate  Choir is to provide a place where people can express themselves through music.  Each member will learn how to expand their vocal range and to become an all around better singer.  Prior background in music and choirs preferred, but we would love to have those musicians who are not as experienced as well.  This choir will empower the students and teach them to be part of a team.  We will have meetings to discuss what music will be selected, as well as where to perform. 

Here is a list of activities that we would love to do:

  1. Performing in nursing homes in the Manhattan area
  2. Bringing cultural music to the Culture club
  3. Competing against other Colleges in the area such as NYU

POSSIBLY (depending on how good we get and how fast!) The New York Choral Music Exchange

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