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The Fashion Styling Club

Mission Statement
The Fashion Styling Club takes great pride in teaching students about the aspects of “styling” in the fashion world. The Fashion Styling Club will not only help students to grasp a clear understanding of the overall basic knowledge one should know when entering a career in the fashion industry, but will give those determined students a chance to actually apply what they have learned through constructive photo shoots. Students will be able to develop or further extend their very own fashion styling portfolios. Members of the club will gain learning objectives through practical hands-on experience.

1. Provide members with an in-depth understanding of the varied roles of a Fashion Stylist. Identify, Separate, Explain, Compare, and Contrast: The important connections between a Fashion Stylist and various aspects- Print Vehicles (magazines, catalogs, magalogs, advertising), Broadcast Vehicles (TV and video), and Personal Fashion Styling (Red Carpet Events, fashion shows, trade shows).
 2. Prepare club members for a Photo Shoot.

3. Educate and Inform members about the necessary teamwork or personal work with pre-and-post preparation for a Photo Shoot. Outline, Define and Identify specific components in terms of concepts and story-lines, prepping, casting, preparing and working with wardrobe, photographers, models, hair and make-up talent. Identify various ways of wardrobing the Photo Shoot via research, shopping the retail and wholesale markets, returns, props; working on the set (Provides key information on “Insider Tricks of the Trade”).

4. Familiarize and Educate members about Industry Terms and Buzzwords, which are specific to the role of a Fashion Stylist.

5. Members will take the information learned and apply it to real Fashion Styling scenarios i.e. photos shoots and personal styling. 

6. Give the club members a chance in creating and building their very first fashion styling portfolio by themselves or with a cohesive team.

Meetings are held once a week during the lunch hour.

A portfolio is a tool used by industry professionals, which showcases all of the stylist’s work.  It is a compilation of prints from photo shoots or tears from magazines for which the stylist provided the wardrobe and dressed the talent. All Members are responsible for the creation of their very own fashion styling portfolio.  They must produce a photo shoot for this portfolio, which entails providing the wardrobe and finding a photographer, model, and hair and makeup.  At the end of the semester the students will present their portfolios. 

Examples of Students Work

Katie Gaffney

Katie Gaffney










Natalie Emplit

Dennine Dyer










Dennine Dyer

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