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Returning to Campus: Internships & Career Services

The Office of Career and Internship Services (CIS) has developed co-curricular experiences that will enable students to complete all internship and co-op experiences regardless of how our industry partners respond to COVID-19. Even though the Fall semester will look different as the impact of the pandemic lingers, LIM students will still have a robust experiential career education experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I find an internship in Fall 2020?

We are actively reaching out to our industry partners to create virtual and limited in-person internships, job shadowing, project-based learning and career development experiences for students in Fall 2020.

If organizations offering internships are able to implement safety protocols, in-person internships could continue in the Fall semester. Students may begin an internship virtually and be allowed to switch to an in-person experience later in the Fall, or change an in-person internship to a remote experience. Whether an internship is in-person or virtual will likely depend on:

  • Health and safety protocols particular to the internship location and site
  • Whether it is feasible to undertake the internship remotely
  • Whether the internship requires that the experience occur through a certain modality

I do not have an internship or Senior Co-op for Fall 2020. What does this mean for me?

Fall 2020 internship and Senior Co-op courses have been reimagined and designed with built-in flexibility to provide a meaningful experience for students who have secured a traditional internship or co-op, as well as those students who have not yet been able to find an internship or co-op. If you cannot secure a traditional internship, LIM's new alternative "Fashion Forward" program will count toward your experiential education course requirements, allowing for on-time degree completion.

What is Fashion Forward?

Fashion Forward is an industry-focused, project-based, virtual career development course for students with or without a traditional internship. Fashion Forward blends academics, industry, and career development in a hybrid virtual classroom. Participants will develop new skills, network, build industry relationships, and prepare for a career in the business of fashion and its related fields. The semester will culminate in a 2-day event called "Fashion Forward LIVE" (Dec. 8-9, 2020) where students can showcase their skills in front of industry professionals.

How do I register for Fashion Forward?

If you are able to find a traditional internship or Co-op and wish to complete your experiential education requirements via that option, you may still do so. If you are unable to find an internship or co-op for Fall 2020, or if you wish to learn about design thinking and project-based learning, you can follow the Fashion Forward track instead. The Canvas shells for each course have been designed to deliver the course curriculum for both the traditional internship and Fashion Forward tracks, regardless of whether you will be doing a traditional internship or Fashion Forward.

I am registered for CARE 1620 Internship 1 / CARE 2620 Internship 2 / or CARE 4820 Senior Co-Op. What do I need to do? 

Students registered for any of these courses will be required to meet with a Career Coach to select their track (Internship or Fashion Forward) for the Fall 2020 semester. These appointments should take place between August 31 - September 10, 2020.

Does Fashion Forward count as my internship/Senior Co-op?

Yes. Fashion Forward will count towards the experiential education internship or co-op requirements and will take the place of the hours a student would otherwise be doing at an internship or co-op worksite.

Do I still have to go to my regular CARE course?

Yes! Because the Fashion Forward course is in lieu of canceled internship or co-op hours, students still need to compete the requirements outlined in the CARE course syllabus.

Will I be able to meet with a Career Coach?

Yes! The Office of Career and Internship Services is open for virtual appointments. For one-on-one assistance with your internship or job search, schedule a career coaching appointment via Symplicity or email careers@limcollege.edu

What technology skills will I need for Fashion Forward?

You will need some basic technology abilities, such as being able to create Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and videos, saving them, and uploading the files through Canvas, our course management system. Canvas support is available 24/7 and can be accessed through the Help menu in Canvas Global Navigation.