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General Notice

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Strategic Plan

LIM College Strategic Plan 2020-2027

Innovation and Excellence

In Fall 2019, LIM College’s Strategic Planning Steering Committee and the four Strategic Initiative Teams worked to develop strategic goals and action items centered around academic excellence, student success, recruitment, experiential learning, and technology-enhanced education. These goals were organized according to two main pillars of the Strategic Plan: Innovation and Excellence. These pillars will ensure that LIM charts a course for strategic renewal that anticipates the changing landscape of industry and higher education and positions the College as a leader in delivering a superior experience to our students and stakeholders.

Refining the strategic goals will continue through the Spring semester and will include input from the community on a full draft of the plan. Keep an eye out for announcements regarding a community survey as well as town halls to take place in March/April. We look forward to everyone’s continued input.

The plan represents the ideas of many from the LIM College community, and we would like to recognize the hard work and dedication of the Initiative Teams. The members of the teams are:

Recruitment, Engagement and Retention Academic Excellence and Student Success Experiential Learning and Advancement Technology-Enhanced Education
Kristina Ortiz
Daniel Chaskes


Kwamina Afful
Hilda Alfonso
Patricia Fitzmaurice
Fred Hamilton
Carolyn Higgins
Nelson Leon
Dennis Scott-Torbet
MT Teloki

John Keane
Nancy Miller


Jonathan Abreu
Laura Cioffi
Laura Healy
Andrea Kennedy
Laurel Lueders
Erin Lynn
Andrew Seguel

Gail Nardin
Nicole Kirpalani


Christopher Barto
Amie Blumberg
Ken Kambara
Lance Kurzrok
Debra Lee
Antoinette Liquet
Patrick McCormick
Angela Sommese

Maurice Morency
Mitchell Kase


Eugenio Chong
Meredith Finnin
Lauren Gavin
Maura La Hara
Michael Londrigan
Eve Proper
Eurydice Sanchez
Kevin Shiner

Thank you for the generous time you have devoted to this process!

Jacqueline LeBlanc
Associate Dean for Assessment, Accreditation, and Planning