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We can assist you with your decision-making, so you can achieve academic success.

Academic Advisors help you chart a roadmap for the journey to your degree.

Meet with us to do the following:

  • Discuss your educational goals
  • Create a graduation plan
  • Discuss your academic progress
  • Receive assistance with registration
  • Review your degree, major or concentration status
  • Inquire about credits transferred from other institutions
  • Obtain interdepartmental referrals

Frequently Asked Questions

You'll be required to either meet or otherwise communicate with your Academic Advisor or attend an academic advising event at least once per year to discuss your graduation path, educational goals, and be permitted to register for classes in the following semester. You can also make academic advising appointments via the MyLIM portal at any time (select "Academic Resources" on the left-hand navigation bar, and then "AdvisorTrac").


In addition to the official course catalog, you'll be provided with a curriculum check sheet for your degree and major. This document outlines what courses you need to take to graduate. We strongly encourage you to work with your Academic Advisor to develop a specific graduation plan.


New students sign up for a registration session through the Office of Admissions. We offer both on-campus and virtual registration options. During your registration session, you'll be introduced to the Office of Academic Advising and receive course suggestions for your first term with the College. 

Current LIM College students should make an appointment (via AdvisorTrac) to meet with their Academic Advisor. After discussing their plans with an Academic Advisor, students are permitted to register through SONIS (LIM College's student information system). You must be cleared by the Office of Student Financial Services and the Office of Academic Advising in order to register for classes.


The Add/Drop period is typically the first five business days of the Fall or Spring semester.  During the add/drop period, students can make changes to their schedule, including time and day of a class and switching sections of the same class. Check the Academic Calendar for exact Add/Drop dates for the Fall, Spring and Summer.


You can add or drop courses from your schedule, through Sonis, during the Add/Drop period. You are also welcome to visit the Office of Academic Advising during the Add/Drop period to meet with an Academic Advisor. Note: you do not need permission from an academic advisor to add/drop a class; however, we strongly encourage you to discuss any course changes with advising- to insure that these changes do not impact your graduation plan.



The Withdrawal period is when you may formally withdraw from a course or courses. If you withdraw, you'll receive a permanent “W” on your transcript, but it won't affect your grade point average (GPA). The Withdrawal period starts after the Add/Drop period ends and lasts until 4 p.m. on the date designated on the academic calendar.


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