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Become better at math.

Embrace the creativity and beauty of mathematics! 

Strong math skills are essential for success in the business of fashion.  

The Academic Resource Center offers academic assistance for all math-related courses to support and enrich your learning experience. We help you fulfill your academic potential through personalized attention in a supportive and motivating environment.   


Math Mentoring Program 

Peer tutors are current students recommended by faculty and their strong academic record. Peer tutors work with you on specific course content based on their areas of expertise. Selected peer tutors are assigned to specific mathematics courses, such as Business Spreadsheets, and maintain constant communication with you to help you navigate the course and complete assignments.  

Online One-on-One Tutoring 

Peer tutors are available all week, including weekend and evening hours! Online tutoring appointments are facilitated through Zoom. You can schedule a tutoring appointment through our scheduling system ( Once we receive your request, your peer tutor will send you instructions on how to join the online one-on-one session. Whether you are taking accounting, finance, or statistics, we are ready to assist you! 

Walk-in Tutoring 

Whether you forgot to schedule a tutoring appointment or have a quick question before going to class, peer tutors are available on a walk-in basis. The Academic Resource Center is conveniently located in Maxwell Hall. Make sure to bring your class notes and any relevant information for a more effective tutoring session. 

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