Fall Fashion Lab

Want a head start on your fashion career?

Stay tuned for Fall 2022 details!

2 Classes to Choose from

Start-up Fashion: How to Build a Fashion and Lifestyle Brand

When: October 2 and October 9 @ 10am - 3pm EST (Total Workshop: 8 hours)

What you will learn and do:

  • Create a brand image, identity, and target consumer
  • Research and brainstorm an assortment plan of products to offer
  • Develop a marketing campaign
  • Discover what influencers and social media platforms are going to give you exposure
  • Create a mini business plan presentation for your start-up

Cost: $185

Styling: Fashion a Digital Editorial and Style

When: October 9 and October 16 @ 11am - 4pm EST (Total Workshop: 8 hours)

What you will learn and do:

  • Discover the three main specialties of fashion styling
  • Identify fall '21, winter '21/'22, and spring '22 fashion trends
  • Analyze the role of the Fashion Stylist within the creative team (art director, photographer, hairstylist, makeup artist, and talent)
  • Create a digital mood board portfolio for an editorial fashion story

Cost: $185

Fashion Merchandising: Create a Trend Forecast & Micro Collection

When: October 16 and October 23 @ 10:30am - 4pm EST (Total Workshop: 9 hours)

What you will learn and do:

  • Discover what trend forecasters and fashion merchandisers do
  • Learn the tools of building a trend board and line plan
  • Work in Adobe Illustrator—create a style—draw and design
  • Create a color story—design a pattern
  • Work in Adobe Photoshop
  • Create a micro collection portfolio

Cost: $195

Digital Marketing: Produce a Virtual Fashion Event

When: October 30 and November 6 @ 11am - 2:30pm EST (Total Workshop: 7 hours)

What you will learn and do:

  • Develop concepts for a virtual fashion show
  • Collaborate with classmates on fashion styling, beauty/hair, make-up, and visual components of the fashion show, including model selection
  • Analyze and improve on different methods to execute a show
  • Apply 3-D ideas on how to build a virtual runway/set
  • Determine music choice
  • Create a portfolio for a virtual event!

Cost: $175