Alumni Profile

Richard Kisembo, Class of 2009 Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Alfilo Brands

“The beauty of an LIM education is that it is a "real world" education... I was able reinforce what I was experiencing in the workplace with a solid education that gave me the sheer confidence I needed to be successful.”

At Alfilo Richard and his partners develop innovative brand licensing approaches that allow Western fashion and lifestyle brands to participate in the rapid growth in emerging Asian markets. Based in Shanghai, his finger is on the pulse of the ever-changing landscape of European, American, and Australian fashion labels seeking to expand into China.

Richard says that the greatest breakthrough he made in his career was a direct result of being at LIM. Before a field trip to Iconix Brand Group, he read a Wall Street Journal article that highlighted the company’s Direct to Retail Licensing model and was awestruck. That field trip ended up with an offer to intern at Iconix, which then led to a job offer, and culminated in a position as Iconix’s Business Development Manager, overseeing the company's strategies in emerging markets including, China, India, and the Middle East.

Richard is now continuing his successful global licensing career with Alfilo -- and is excited to play a major role in shaping the “brandscape” of the international fashion business.


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