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Housing 101: The New Yorker

The Big Picture

  1. Select the type of room you'd like to reserve (click on Rooms)
  2. Fill out the Educational Housing Services (EHS) Application 
  3. Submit your Housing Deposit or First Payment (see below) to EHS

See below for more details on each step, depending on your particular situation.



Had previously signed up/deposited for housing with LIM, but now need to switch to The New Yorker

Great! You should have already received a refund of your housing deposit.

Wants to use financial aid to pay for my housing at The New Yorker:

No problem! (see below)

Hasn’t yet filed the 2020-2021 FAFSA:

What are you waiting for? File it right away at www.fafsa.gov

Has already filed the 2020-2021 FAFSA

  • Excellent! You should have received your financial aid award package and can view it by logging in to LIM’s Office of Student Financial Services (SFS) financial aid portal.
  • You need to speak with an SFS Counselor in order to receive “clearance” to submit your Educational Housing Services (EHS) Housing Application and Housing Deposit.
  • Once you receive that clearance, your deposit to EHS at the time of application will be $725 (which includes a $600 down payment and $125 membership fee).

Hasn’t yet received clearance from SFS to submit my Housing Deposit

  • Don’t worry. Continue to work with SFS and be sure to follow all the directions you receive.
  • As soon as you’ve completed the steps and demonstrated that your financial aid will be enough to cover your charges, you will receive clearance to submit your Housing Deposit.
  • The sooner you can reach this step the better. Rooms at The New Yorker are very popular. But for now, don’t stress. You still have time.

Doesn’t plan to use financial aid to pay for housing in The New Yorker

  • Once you have selected the room type that you would like reserve, contact EHS and they will work with you to determine the amount of your down payment.
  • Your down payment is due at the time of application. It will be 30% of the total 9-month cost of your room.

Already picked a roommate before the switch to The New Yorker was made

Fantastic! Just be sure that both of you request one another on the EHS Housing Application and you will be paired together.

Doesn’t have a roommate yet

Good news! LIM has several “Roommate Mixers” planned so that you can get to know your future classmates. Check out www.limcollege.edu/nso to find out about the next one.

Contact Info.

LIM Office of Student Financial Services: studentfinancialservices@limcollege.edu | 212.310.0689

LIM Office of Housing and Residence Life: residencelife@limcollege.edu (can also use this email address to schedule a phone appointment )

Educational Housing Services (EHS): newyorker@studenthousing.org | 800.297.4694