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“Art Inspires” Visual Merchandising Students

An exhibition titled “Art Inspires” is currently on view on the first floor of Maxwell Hall. The work was done by the students in the History, Theory and Practice of Visual Merchandising class, taught by Professor Grailing King.

Working in groups, students were asked to research an artist that inspired them and, based on their findings, create an installation featuring a mannequin presentation inspired by the artist.  They also had to create a PowerPoint presentation documenting their process from start to finish.

“Each group had a very distinctive viewpoint and everyone’s work was so different,” says Professor King. “This class surprised me because it was such a small class, however, each group created larger-than-life installations.”

Below is a list of the students who participated and the artists they chose.

Salvador Dali

Kiera Connolly

Anita Trejo

Laura Orlando

Tilt Graffiti

Frances Maniye

Alexa Rae Ragozzino

Charmaine Olivia

Rachel Kozak

Joelle Wickner

Su Blackwell

Ashley Czaja

Sara Ramos