“Bergdorf Woodsman” Wins Iron Merchant Visual Merchandising Challenge

On October 7, as part of Family & Friends Weekend, LIM College hosted the annual student/alumni Iron Merchant Challenge, a visual merchandising competition to see which team can create the best mannequin display in just one hour. This year, displays had to be sustainable and each team had to incorporate one of five elements: nature, hardware, food, digital, or paper/plastic. Everyone who attended had the opportunity to vote for their favorite display.

“Bergdorf Woodsman” won the competition. Their design featured a male warrior and incorporated materials such as grass, leaves, moss and branches. Team members were Erica Pierson, Audrey Diaz, Jordon Willis and Kangni Chen. Erica is an LIM College alumna who currently works as an Artist for window and interior displays at Anthropologie.