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2014 Student Leadership Conference: Transformational Leadership

This year's Student Leadership Conference theme was Transformational Leadership and it was all about giving back. Assistant Director of Student Life Mohanlall T. Teloki said that the conference offered students a new perspective on leadership and that he hoped that students would apply the skills learned to empower others.

With speakers and panels on subjects such as Your Philanthropic Experience, which covered the philanthropic practice and strategy established by the Student Leadership Council, students discussed how to develop a thoughtful approach to philanthropy that aligns their own values and goals to a better place for their future.

How to Be Transformed Through Your Roles examined tips students can use to not only transform themselves, but also the organizations they belong to. About the panel, Nicole Porras, a junior, said, "It was really interactive. We were divided into smaller groups and brainstormed ways to step up or stand down in a leadership situation."

Ben Messner, the Senior Manager, Relay for Life, Eastern Division, American Cancer Society, who has spent the majority of his career as a Student Affairs professional with a focus on leadership development and civic engagement, gave the keynote speech. He noted how transformational leaders stimulate and inspire followers to achieve extraordinary outcomes, and in the process, develop their own leadership capacity.

According to freshman Stephanie Lendano, "He really let us know that it's okay to step out of our comfort zone and give back."