Alumni Spotlight: Alexa Rufus, Class of 2015

What are you doing now?

I am the Marketing Manager for SUPIMA. SUPIMA® is the promotional brand for American Pima Cotton. SUPIMA controls the trademark and manages a global licensing program spanning the entire supply chain — from yarn spinners to brands and retailers. My responsibilities include: business development and strategic partnerships, supporting the marketing efforts of the 100 or so brands and retailers that sell SUPIMA® products, SUPIMA® ad campaigns, events for New York and Paris Fashion Weeks, and social media marketing.

Describe your career path.

I’d describe my career path as unconventional. I interned with SUPIMA during my junior year at LIM. Going into the first semester of my senior year, a position in SUPIMA’s marketing department became available and was offered to me. I started full time as Marketing Coordinator the summer going into my Senior Co-op semester and received credit for my Co-op internship that fall. SUPIMA was my first internship and my first job – talk about coming full circle!

How did your education help prepare you for your career?

LIM’s combination of academic, experiential, and workplace experiences is what sets it apart from most colleges and universities. I felt the Fashion Merchandising program in particular was an all-encompassing degree. I gained applicable knowledge in the areas of merchandising, product development, textiles, and marketing. In each of my internships as well as my current role, I’ve always felt I had the technical skills, industry knowledge, and workplace experience needed to perform and excel.

What advice would you give someone considering a career in your field?

Take any and all opportunities that come your way. You never know what a new opportunity could bring and what doors it may open. My internship with SUPIMA wasn’t my “top pick,” but look where it’s taken me!