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Alumni Spotlight: Kelsey Bonacker (MPS ’17)

Kelsey BonackerEarning her master’s degree in Fashion Marketing from LIM College helped Kelsey kick off her career in fashion PR. It also enabled her to transition into a new field when an opportunity arose.

What’s happening in your career now?
I recently made a giant career move by switching to the Financial Technology industry. I’m still doing public relations, but my focus is now on technology, current events, culture and sociopolitical news. My agency, Wachsman PR, deals with blockchain and cryptocurrency clients.

What did you learn at LIM that you’re now applying in your current position?
I was never really interested in PR until I saw it in motion at LIM. Observing brands’ successes and mistakes and talking about them in a focused group setting gave me a lot of great perspective. I learned that honesty and trust are important to all consumers, and I apply that principle with my clients.

Did your master’s degree help you in moving into a new area of PR?
It’s important to remember that a master’s degree in the business of fashion is still, first and foremost, a master’s in business. My master’s in Fashion Marketing helped me get my current job, because it’s relevant to a financial PR setting.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about getting their master’s degree at LIM?
Make the most of your experience. Live in the residence hall even if you’re local, go to all the speeches and networking events, and try to meet as many people as possible in your classes and forge relationships with them. The more people in your network the better, and classes are a great environment in which to start.