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Alumni Spotlight: Kristin Montana, Class of 2010

What’s happening in your career now?

I’m currently Director of Planning for Cutie Pie Baby, a children’s wholesale company.  I develop, execute and communicate plans for all current inventory and production buys for new deliveries. My decisions support the company’s financial sales and distribution objectives. I strategically manage in-season business and work cross-functionally with the sales, production and design departments.

How did LIM College help prepare you for your career?

Internships. Internships. Internships. Aside from having amazing professors who were still working in the industry, the mandatory internships paved the way for my career. LIM gave me the best of both worlds. While I was a student within those walls, I was also developing a professional resume.

If you could go back in time and give advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Yes, you passed all your classes, received all your credits and completed all your internships. Yet it is experience that will be your biggest teacher. It won’t matter which degree you hold. However, it will matter what you choose to do with it, where you decide to go and who you set yourself out to be beyond business, beyond fashion.

Be powerful and confident, while remembering to still be humble and patient. Believe in what you know. Push, challenge and acknowledge your intuition.

Most importantly, never doubt yourself because of age, or how long your resume is. When you find yourself sitting at a table with senior executives, embrace it. If they believe you belong there, you should believe it too.