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Alumni Spotlight: Morgan Dreossi (’18)

Morgan was the Valedictorian of the Class of 2018. She learned important lessons about brand reputation management and understanding global markets in her LIM classes. But it was her internships—with companies that included NBC Universal and Madison Square Garden—that equipped her with the networking and communication skills that helped her land a job with the NFL.

What’s happening in your career right now?
I work at the National Football League (NFL) as a Public Relations Assistant. I monitor communication surrounding the NFL in broadcast, print, and social media. I also put together daily packets of relevant news to distribute internally and identify coverage that merits follow-up engagement.

What made you choose LIM for your college education?
I was drawn to New York and the opportunities that only the city can offer. The emphasis LIM places on internships shows the dedication they have to helping students prepare for their careers.

What was your favorite class?
Global Markets. I learned how global companies put time into understanding all markets in which they operate. There’s not one cookie-cutter way to market a product or service, as people of different cultures from all over the world value different things. I learned that thinking globally and acting locally is one the most important things a company can do to succeed in a global business.

What internships did you do?
I interned at: Blue Sky Boutique, where I led a team of sales associates and managed merchandise; CodedPR, where I worked with bridal, lifestyle, and homewear clients; NBC Universal as a Cable Entertainment Intern, helping various cable networks with operational needs; and Madison Square Garden, where I worked on event preparation, community relations requests, and department planning calendars.

How did the courses you took at LIM help prepare you for your career?
All of my marketing classes gave me insights into different aspects of consumer behavior and how important it is to manage brand reputation. Electives like PR and Celebrity & Sports Management were great opportunities to delve into my interest in the entertainment / sports industry.

What skills and strategies helped you get a job with the NFL?
Networking! Whenever I’d send in a job application, I’d check if someone in my network worked at the company where I was applying. If not, I’d search for a recruiter from the company on LinkedIn. I had to learn to be my own biggest advocate and have confidence in myself—my communication skills were definitely helpful. Maintaining relationships with previous supervisors and former colleagues was also important. Someone I previously interned with at NBC Universal had moved on to work at the NFL, and he introduced me to the hiring manager for my current role—it’s what you know, but also who you know!