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Alumni Spotlight: Paloma Concordia, Class of 2005

What's happening in your career right now?
Right now I'm balancing being a parent to four boys (a 14 year-old, a 4 year-old and 3 year-old twins) and growing my business — The Papalodown Agency (based in the San Francisco Bay area). It's challenging, but I love my life and love being an entrepreneur supporting small businesses.

Describe your career path so far.

My career path has always been grounded in business management and public relations. I've also worked with clients in a variety of industries, including fashion, retail, music, entertainment, youth empowerment, visual arts, non-profits, and restaurants/bars. My community has helped me carve out my career, and I'm so grateful for the mentors who have supported my journey. At the end of the day, helping others become successful by amplifying their stories will always be my #1 purpose and path to success.

What are some of the challenges you've faced?

The biggest challenge I've faced so far has to do with my own self-confidence and believing that I could actually start my own business, but my journey has always been guided by my instincts and by networking opportunities.

How did LIM College help prepare you for your career?

LIM opened my eyes to having a career in public relations. My internship with Coach and the PR/marketing-related courses I took laid the foundation for my career and helped me discover where to focus my skills and talents. Truthfully, every course at LIM — from ethics to entrepreneurship classes — formed the framework for who I now am as a creative professional and business owner.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career in your field? 

My advice is to start with an internship, seek mentors. Continue learn as much as you can (even when you think you know it all), do your best, and allow yourself to take risks. Figure out what kind of lifestyle you want to have. Work/life balance is so important to be your best self and achieve your goals. Find a company to grow with or start your own business that is in line with your values and gives your work purpose. Know your 'why' and the rest will follow.