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Alumni Spotlight: Rachel Fishman (’18)

Rachel FishmanAttending LIM College helped Rachel discover her professional passion and allowed her to focus her courses and internships on the fast-paced world of marketing and event planning. Now, as a Marketing Coordinator for a major New York event venue, Rachel draws on her LIM experience in her day-to-day professional life.

What’s happening in your career right now?
I work at BSE Global as the Marketing Coordinator for NYCB Live’s Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

What made you choose LIM?
I originally chose LIM because I wanted to study Visual Merchandising. But after I took some Marketing classes, I knew that was where I belonged. So, I changed majors and geared my internships towards the music industry.

What internships did you do?
I interned at Atlantic Records, SiriusXM Radio, and Madison Square Garden.

How did your courses help prepare you for your career?
The courses at LIM gave me a foundation for my career by teaching me the basics of marketing and how to present myself. The class that had the most effect on my career was actually an elective: Celebrity and Sports Marketing.

How did you get your current job?
I applied for my current position through BSE Global’s website. I had known a few LIM alumni that worked at the company and I reached out to them for advice and to gain a deeper knowledge of the company.

How do you maintain a work/life balance?
That can be hard in this industry. There are concerts, sporting events, and conferences I need to attend and work at. (Although I love attending events as a fan, it’s very different when you have to work them.) Thankfully, a lot of my friends are also in this industry—it makes it easier to hang out with them since we are usually at the same events!

Any advice for LIM students?
Reach out to alumni! We are here to help because we were all once in your shoes.