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Baylen Edwards-Miller: Student Ambassador, Cotton University

Baylen Edwards-Miller, a sophomore majoring in Fashion Merchandising, has been selected as a student ambassador for Cotton University™, one of fashion’s biggest textile resources for industry professionals, students, and faculty. Cotton University is part of Cotton Incorporated, a research and marketing company for those making cotton products.  

Baylen was initially contacted by his former Textiles professor, Hilda Alfonso, who thought that he would be interested in the job and work well with Cotton Incorporated. After an interview process with Cotton Incorporated, Baylen was chosen to represent LIM College.

As a Student Ambassador, it is Baylen’s job to promote Cotton University.

The Lexington Line will feature an ad for Cotton University in the next issue, which is a great promotional opportunity that I was able to facilitate,” he says. “I will also be hosting events on campus, conducting programs at the Residence Hall, and providing presentations in certain classes. In addition, I will be utilizing social media to interact with students and faculty.”

Says Baylen, “Having the opportunity to be an ambassador for Cotton University provides me with a wealth of knowledge regarding the role of textiles within the fashion industry.”

Baylen also notes that this position provides him with a unique experience that will stand out on his resume and allows him to network with industry professionals. He’s also currently interning at John Varvatos in Product Development and has been accepted into the PVH Summer Internship program, where he will be working in Product Development at Tommy Hilfiger.