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Dean and Professor Share Views on Wearing Your Politics

LIM College Dean of Academic Affairs and menswear expert Michael P. Londrigan and Fashion Merchandising professor Amanda Hallay were interviewed for an article in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution about a local tailor incorporating political affiliations into the lining of men’s suit jackets.

Professor Hallay commented on what type of fashion we might see once the race is won. “I think we’ll see fashion extremism no matter who the victor. Dems will embrace a more natural look, with loose linens, soft palettes, and ethnic touches that speak to the global environment. And for Republicans, the ‘80s might very well ride again, with a focus on wealth, opulence, oversize, and a return to primary colors (no political movie pun intended!).”

Dean Londrigan is curious about which party is garnering the most sales. “Could we use this as a predictor of the next president?” he wondered.