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Entrepreneurs Show Their Wares at Women's Expo

As part of Women’s History Month, a unique marketplace event was held at LIM College on March 11. It featured items for sale that were designed or made by LIM's female entrepreneurs. Articles ranged from handbags made with Guatemalan tapestries to jewelry to stunning handmade scarves.

Graduate student Rutu Shah designs the above-mentioned scarves herself and then they’re manufactured in India. One scarf was covered with bright embroidery and tiny sequins, all done by hand. Another was tied in small knots and then dyed to give it its unique design.

Rutu, who is pursuing an MPS in Fashion Merchandising & Retail Management, says her classes with Professor Robert Conrad have really helped her to plan her business. “In his classes we learned how the customer really thinks," she says. "What they like and don’t like. What’s their spending range and which designers’ work really resonates.”

Ruby Munoz also works with talent from back home, which in her case is Guatemala. “I partner with people in Guatemala who make the textiles I use for the bags, purses, notebooks -- even hand disinfectant holders.”

Ruby has been visiting a lot of trade shows and plans to officially launch her line this summer. Being at LIM College, she says, has helped her immensely. “I didn’t know anything about product development, but I learned how to start a product from zero and get it to the final stage,” says the junior Fashion Marketing major.

Alum Alicia Banilivy and her cousin design some of the articles as well as choose the finished jewelry for their website ( “The jewelry is for women who want to wear pieces that look pricey, but aren’t that expensive,” she says.

According to Alicia, her visual merchandising classes have definitely helped her, and classes where she's learned how to find target customers and develop marketing and PR plans have also been invaluable.

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