Faculty Q&A: Eurydice Sanchez

Q: What courses do you teach?

I teach Fashion Forecasting and Fashion History and Global Attire at the undergraduate level and Fashion in Publications as part of LIM’s Summer Fashion Lab.

Q: What companies have you worked for?

I’ve held a variety of different positions in the industry, including Senior Editor for Accessories & Footwear at WGSN/Stylesight, Accessories & Footwear Trend Manager at Kohl’s, Trend & Image Manager at QVC, Trend Specialist (Intimate Apparel, Accessories, Footwear) at J.C.Penney, and Fashion Editor at The Doneger Group. I am currently working as a Beauty and Fashion Editor for Beautystreams.com, a beauty forecasting subscription-based service.

Q: What sets LIM apart from other colleges or universities that offer fashion business programs?

LIM is solely focused on the business side of fashion and in turn requires students to complete multiple internships over the course of their college career, which is an excellent way to gain exposure to a variety of companies, get real-word experience, and begin to forge industry relationships.

Q: What advice would you give students who are interested in careers in the business of fashion?

I always recommend internships as a way of learning more about various aspects of the industry first-hand and getting your foot in the door at a desired company.

Also, LIM professors are a wonderful resource, as many still work in the industry - so speak to your professors, ask them questions!

In general, this is a competitive industry, so you have to be proactive and persistent, always act professionally, and don't be afraid to create your own opportunities.