Fall 2016 Senior Capstone Presentations

LIM’s Senior Capstone course requires students nearing graduation to create a final project that integrates and synthesizes what they've learned throughout their time at the College. 

On December 16, seniors in all academic majors presented their Capstone projects to audiences made up of College faculty and administrators as well as industry professionals who offered feedback and challenged students with thought-provoking questions. (See below for a complete list.)

Students in Professor Samuel Palmiotto’s Visual Merchandising Capstone course created a Stella McCartney pop-up store. The team transformed an LIM Visual Merchandising lab into a space with imaginative clothing racks, fitting rooms, a wall of live plants, and a juice bar.

Said Professor Palmiotto, “The students put together an exemplary example of a shop working within the budget and event specifications, as well as being innovative with the tech aspect of having the site able to be used again and transferred to another location by having every aspect fold in on itself.”

Students in Derek Cockle’s Fashion Merchandising Senior Capstone spent the semester working on plans to launch various clothing lines. One of these was a vintage menswear store which featured custom packaging and tissue paper that matched the shop walls. Another team proposed a company that would offer online styling services for customers’ children.


Industry professionals who attended Fall 2016 Senior Capstone presentations

*Sherry Cassin: Founder, Sherry Cassin and Company Ltd., Former President and Creative Director, Cassin Collection 

Patricia Clyne: Partner/Designer, Heracles Clothing Company

*Dan Evans: President and Creative Director, Goldsmith Mannequins

Shari Hoenig: Director of E-Commerce and Marketing, Yummy by Heather Thomson

Ellen Sills-Levy: Founder & President/Chief Insights Officer, ESL Insights

Marie Mamone, Managing Director, Marie Mamone – Accessory to Success Consulting; Director of Business Consulting, Ars Sutoria

Susanna Moyer: Design Leader, Creative Consultant for Apparel & Fashion

Andrea Ratimorsky: Director of International Merchandising, Coach

Amie Blumberg Ruthauser: Senior Merchandising Executive, Brand and Product Development

Jennifer Senenko: Senior Vice President of Merchandising, Nine West Jewelry 

*Denny Cohen Steinman: President, Merchandiser and Business Consultant, Steinman Associates

* LIM College Fashion Industry Advisory Board Member