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LIM College will be closed on Monday, September 28 for Yom Kippur.

Fashion and Sustainability Summit

Fashiondex and LIM College present Fashion and Sustainability SummitOn April 12, Fashiondex and LIM College will hold their second annual sustainability summit to share and discuss ideas on how to lead the charge for change in the fashion industry. The event will be held at LIM College’s Maxwell Hall (216 East 45th St.) from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

The Fashion and Sustainability Summit is a solutions-focused conference. Fashion companies will share strategies, processes and practices that work for them, as well as lessons learned along the way when running a fashion business with environmental and social responsibility in mind.

Focusing on best practices and tangible solutions, such as supply chain transparency, green chemistry, advances in technology, and zero waste design, this summit will help fashion businesses lead the way in sustainability. It will explore sustainability not only from an ethical perspective, but also from a business point of view. Attendees will learn how to be sustainable and profitable at the same time.

Among the expert guest speakers will be Karenna Gore, Director of the Center for Earth Ethics at Union Theological Seminary; Eileen Fisher’s Director of Sustainability Amy Hall; Mara Hoffman’s Director of Design and Production Sustainability Dana Davis and Director of Social & Environmental Affairs, Celine DeCarlo; Hana Kajimura, who works in sustainability for Allbirds; Scott Miller from the Sustainable Apparel Coalition; and Marc Yaggi, Executive Director of the Waterkeeper Alliance.

Event sponsors include Wastewear, the North American Suri Company, Texworld, USA, Sea Leather Wear, and ClothingLabels4U.com.

A limited number of discounted tickets are available for LIM College students and faculty. For the full conference schedule and to purchase tickets go to: https://www.fashiondex.com/summit/