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Fashion Media Faculty Q&A: Alex Symons

After teaching at several colleges in Connecticut, Alex Symons joined LIM College in the fall of 2018 as an Assistant Professor of Communications and Media Studies. He’s looking forward to the opportunity to develop new, cutting-edge classes within the College’s Fashion Media major.

What are some areas you are particularly interested in exploring with your students?

My interest is in contemporary media topics—like what’s going on in digital culture right now and American culture in the media. LIM’s Fashion Media degree program is very international in its approach, which I think is important today. I especially enjoy teaching Global Media because it deals with many big issues of our time such as the global marketplace, the global role of America and the rise of nationalism. Digital culture is changing this, too. It used to be that just big corporations were global. Now, with the internet, everyone has the potential to be global.

How does the “Fashion” in Fashion Media affect how you approach your classes?

Coming from a media studies background, fashion adds a new dimension for me. For example, digital fashion media allows for creative freedoms and personal ingenuity outside the mainstream industry. We are developing new Fashion Media course content that will reflect ongoing changes in the field. Our students receive an essential combination of media production and theory. They also learn to be resistant to adverse media effects and will get the big picture of the media industries. This is really important for their careers—and for being responsible citizens in today’s world.

What do you like about LIM’s learning environment?

I like LIM’s small class sizes because they allow for great discussions. Students can get to know one another and have more opportunities to ask questions. I find that LIM students are very tuned into media topics. I really appreciate our students’ perspectives and opinions.