General Notice

LIM College will be closed on Monday, September 28 for Yom Kippur.

Fashion: Now & Then Conference Will Explore Fashion’s Relationship to Race, Gender, Culture, Entertainment, and More

LIM College will host its eighth annual Fashion: Now & Then conference October 18 - 20 at Maxwell Hall.

This year’s theme is Fashion & Culture—including presentations that focus on gender identity, African-American culture, and cultural appropriation in fashion marketing.

Attending this pioneering global fashion information conference will be more than 200 academicians and professionals from the fashion industry, libraries, archives, academic institutions, publishers, and museums all over the world.

The conference will open with Leopard Print and the Bad Mother. Jo Weldon, author of the book Fierce: The History of the Leopard Print will discuss the prevalence of “The Bad Mother” wearing leopard print when portrayed in pop culture. The keynote presentation will be given by Joy Davis and Jasmine Chavez Helm from Unraveled: A Fashion Podcast.

Presentations on fashion, gender identity, and the LGBTQ+ community include:

  • Fashion Beyond the Binary will examine the history of gendered apparel and the movement toward “agendered” fashion.
  • The Childish, the Transformative and the Queer: The Playful Activism of Queer Cosplay will examine cosplay as a queer act, focusing primarily on cosplay that queers non-queer characters and cosplay that brings queer characters and worlds to life.
  • Fashion and the Evolution of the Androgynous Genre will deal with the history of androgynous dressing.

Presentations addressing fashion and African-American culture include:

  • Marvel’s Missing Merchandise will explore the fashion, culture and beauty phenomenon of the film Black Panther, including overlooked merchandising opportunities for a new target audience.
  • African-American Women and Their Hair Struggle will discuss the dogma surrounding African-American women’s beauty as it relates to hair.
  • She Got It from Her Mama: Solange as Fashionista and Performance Artist, Tina Knowles Larson, and the Context of Black Art will present a pioneering scholarly study of Solange, contextualizing her as a Black feminist, fashion icon, and artist, exploring the way Black aesthetics and appreciation for art were transmitted from her mother.
  • Cardi B: Fashion and Sex Work will address the relationship between fashion and sex work as a marker of contemporary culture in Belcalis Almanzar, aka Cardi B,’s work.
  • Fashion Outliers: Afropunk and the Embodiment of Resistance examines the intersection of identity and music through the Afro-punk subculture.
  • Afrofuturism, Style & Funk will look at the historical and cultural implications of styles and ideas developed by Afrofuturist artists in the 20th and 21st centuries, with a focus on George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic.

In addition, LIM College’s Dean of Graduate Studies, Dr. Susan Baxter, and faculty member Nicole Kirpalani, Ph.D. will present Cultural Appropriation in Fashion Marketing: A Review offering guidelines and recommendations for fashion marketers to avoid cultural appropriation in the development, marketing, and communication of their brands.

According to Elizabeth S. Marcuse, President of LIM College, “LIM College’s Fashion: Now & Then conference continues its tradition as an important annual event — with fashion librarians and archivists coming from all over the world to hear from thought leaders in the field of fashion information, including many members of our own faculty. This year’s theme, Fashion and Culture, is particularly timely, given the myriad intersections between fashion and all forms of entertainment and popular culture in today’s world, as well as the continuing dialogue around fashion and race, sexual orientation, and gender identity.”

Sponsors of this year’s Conference include Priv.Co and Bloomsbury Publishing. For a complete conference schedule and registration information go to: http://lim.ent.sirsi.net/client/en_US/fnt/