Innovative Practices in Corporate Social Responsibility

LIM College initiated the Maxwell F. Marcuse Lecture Series in 2010 to nurture the campus intellectual community. Named for the College’s founder, these events are open to all LIM faculty and staff. All lectures take place at 1:15 pm in FashionOpolis (12 East 53rd St.).

Innovative Practices in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Presented by Gayathri Banavara - Marketing Management & Finance Department
Monday, October 23

This presentation will provide a brief overview of Professor Banavara’s dissertation on current CSR practices in the apparel supply chain. She will discuss how managers, who are key to implementation of CSR, view and use it in their daily decision-making. Studying the supply chain (retailers and manufacturers) is an attempt to identify variances, if any, between how  different supply chain groups put CSR into practice within their daily operational decision-making.

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