General Notice

LIM College has shifted to Hybrid Virtual instruction for the remainder of the Fall 2020 semester. For COVID-19 and Campus Operating Update(s), click here.

International Education Week

LIM College will celebrate International Education Week (Nov. 14-18) with several days of events.

Monday, November 14

Study Abroad Programs
• 1:15 pm / Maxwell Hall Student Center: Information on all of LIM’s Study Abroad programs

Around the World!
• 8:00 pm / Residence Hall, Floors 1 to 7: Journey around the world! Explore food and activities and learn about other cultures. Open to both residents and non-residents.

Wednesday, November 16

Food for Global Thought
• 1:15 pm / Maxwell Hall Student Center: A pizza party and discussion of experiences with international education and traveling abroad

Thursday, November 19

Giving Thanks Around the Globe
• 9:00 pm / Residence Hall, 6th Floor: A history of Thanksgiving in the U.S. and similar holidays around the world

Friday, November 18

Global Students Club International Film: Noodle
• 9:00 pm / Residence Hall: A screening of the Israeli-Chinese film Noodle — with free Chinese noodles.

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