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Hometown: Osaka, Japan 
Career goal: Product Developer

What is your educational background?
After I finished high school in Japan, I moved to the U.S. and started at Genesee Community College (GCC) to earn an associate degree. I was studying fashion merchandising, and one of my professors introduced me to LIM College. I decided to transfer here.

What was it like transferring to a college in New York City?
It helped that I started my journey at GCC, so I already knew U.S. culture. It’s really diverse here in New York—I meet a lot of people, and that’s fun for me. New York City also has so many restaurants—and I love eating!

How has your educational experience been here at LIM?
Good! I’m earning my bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising, and I eventually want to become a product developer. Plus, New York is a very big city, and that makes it easier to get good internships, even if you’re an international student.

Can you tell us about the internships you’ve done?
My first internship was as a sales associate in a small vintage store called Nomad Vintage. For my corporate internship, I was a marketing and research intern at Mitsukoshi Ltd., a Japanese company that also has an office here in New York.

What kind of support services does LIM College provide for you as an international student?
Our international advisors really help me a lot when I have questions. The school offers International Student Orientation, and we also have a luncheon once a semester; you can connect with other international students and sometimes alumni come, too. We also do multicultural events. Last year, we had a multicultural food festival and I brought Japanese food.

What advice would you give to other international students considering coming to LIM?
I was pretty shy when I started here, but LIM College is a nice environment for international students. They offer so many workshops for international students and there really are a lot of us here. My advice would be to just be passionate and active and participate in events.