International Student Spotlight: Song Rao

Hometown: Beijing, China
Program: Master of Professional Studies (MPS), Fashion Marketing

What was your background before starting your master’s program?
After graduating from the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, the first job I got was as a consultant for a fashion PR agency. Even though my undergraduate major was in theater, I discovered through this job that I love fashion and decided I was really eager to know the business side.

How did you learn about LIM?
I found out about LIM College because of an agency in China that focuses on studying abroad. They recommended LIM, and it was the only school I knew in New York City that was about business and fashion. I wanted a business degree, because I hope to have a business perspective in my career. I also wanted to elevate my perspective to a global level. The U.S. a multicultural country, and New York City is the center of the world.

Please tell us about your internship.
My internship is with Authentic Brands Group (ABG). ABG is a global company with 34 international brands in fashion and entertainment, and they also do business in China. I'm a person who lives in the digital world, so I work on the international digital team, where I get to use some of my creativity. I also offer perspective on the Chinese market and help translate Mandarin to English. My team works with four different brands, managing the monthly calendar for their social media, including their platforms in China.

What’s it like being an international student at LIM College?
I don't feel like an “international student” here, because it’s like family. LIM is very international, with students from all over the world. In my classes, we have people from France, Italy, India. I can ask, "Hey, how is it working on a digital team in India?” or “How do you work in Russia?" It’s very easy to talk with each other.

What is your favorite class?
Cause Marketing, with Professor Bill Gaden. It teaches you about social responsibility, because as a business you cannot just make money; you have to do something good for our society and our Earth. With all my professors here, I can always tell them what I’m thinking. I feel like you can say anything you want and share your opinion. I really appreciate this.

What do you like about living in New York?
New York is such a great city; there’s so much to explore. Every Friday, I get the magazine Time Out to see what I can do that weekend. It has a column called "Things to Do" with so many exhibitions and museums you can visit, and so many parks and public activities.

What is your career goal after completing your master’s program?
I want to work in digital content creation. I’m a creative artist—that’s what I have passion for. But I also need to have the business perspective.